Sunday, March 16

Jimmy at 14 months

Jimmy Barttels, you are such a stud. At 14 months you are just about the cutest thing ever.
Fold your arms to pray
Say the words "mama, dada, sister, baba(bottle), cheese, shoes, bird, nana(banana), ball, book, night night, bye bye, hi, milk, me, mine, no, ya"
You sign "all done, more, hungry, please"
Give raspberries
Fetch diapers from your diaper basket
Get/put away shoes from the shoe basket
Give hugs and kisses
You love love love going on walks& runs-if you see the stroller you climb right up& yell to me like"MOM! I'm ready!"
You love your sister. You follow her around, you love to hug& kiss her& WRESTLE her. When you see her you get sooo excited!
You dance to any music and's hilarious.
You climb on everything. Couch, ottoman, boxes. You have mastered the art of climbing into kitchen chairs& into my table. Sweet. Not!
You love to wash your hands& HATE having sticky dirty hands.
You love books. If I'm sitting on the ground at all, you run to get one& do this cute thing where you run up& turn around& do a little scoot walk backwards & sit your bum right down on my hand me the book& then lean back& settle in. I love it. I love so much that you& your sister both love to read!
You eat everything in sight. Literally. A normal sized breakfast is a adult-sized bowl of oatmeal, a whole banana, some of my smoothie, and then crackers and fruit an hour later, acting as if I haven't feed you anything!
You are my "ping pong kid." Literally you NEVER STOP MOVING. No wonder you need to eat so many calories!!
You still only weigh 25 pounds. You've been the same weight for 4 months. You are getting taller& skinnier& looking more like your sister at this age. Your fat rolls are getting thinner...sad :-(
If you are hungry you are a big. huge. mess. Like throwing yourself on the floor, screaming, throwing things at me, on the floor, wave your hands around, swinging at my legs. Seriously ridiculous. BUTTTT if I'm on top of feeding you man portions every 2 hours, you're just darling& sweet& happy.
You are more happy, more predictable, silly and learning something new everyday!!
I can't believe you are so big, but so grateful at how much you are growing& learning& how much we love you!!


  1. Wow, 14 months. That's amazing. He's so cute, with his dark eyes and blonde hair. William says, "mom," "thank you," (sort of) and "no." He'll be two in June. He seems a little slow with the talking, which could be the prematurity but most of my other children didn't speak until around two either, funny huh? We'll see how it goes.

    Jimmy is precious. Glad you are all doing well. Take care,


  2. He and Faye look so much alike. Adorable! It sounds like he keeps you hoping at all times.